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Why You Should Start A Podcast

A podcast is a digital audio file that can be downloaded onto a computer or mobile device and listened to at any time. Podcasts are often episodic, with new episodes released either weekly, monthly, or sporadically.


Podcasts are a great way to engage your audience and grow your business. It can be used for marketing, education, or just a way to share your knowledge with people who might not have the same access to information as you do.


The first step to starting a podcast is to decide on your topic and create an outline for what you want the show to cover. You also need a recording studio where you can record the audio and video files together at the highest quality available to you. This is something which is well catered for at London Media Lounge. You will also need to figure out how often you want to release episodes and what kind of content you want to share on your show. Finally, social media, which will also help you promote your show and grow your brand.


Podcasts are also a great way to make money. Many can now generate leads and grow their number of queries just through their weekly episodes. This is possible because podcasts are a great way to target an audience, they help connect with people who have similar interests and thereby grow their brands in the process.

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